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Date de sortieMai 2019
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A Future Press Companion Book


The Ultimate Dark Souls Reference Book

With the epic trilogy now complete, Future Press presents the ultimate Dark Souls compendium book. The enemies, items, equipment, areas and NPC dialogue of each game are all presented in an easy-to-reference format. This beautifully laid out book is designed to make it easy to find what you’re looking for—each entry is color-coded by game, and everything is fully indexed.
For newer players, or those interested in the story but in need of a springboard, the compendium will get them up to speed on everything that the games explicitly reveal. It also provides the means to connect the dots and start forming your own theories, while acting as a complete reference book of the creatures, characters and locations that make up these magnificent games. And it’s all printed on premium art paper, bound in hardcover with a bookmark ribbon and placed in a perfectly matching, deluxe foil-print slipcase, and—as a bonus—includes four art prints ready to take pride of place on your wall.
Lore Summaries
The core stories and key elements of each game are summarised in a way that removes ambiguity while also avoiding speculation—everything in this chapter is backed up with page references to sources taken directly from the games. Written and edited by renowned members of the Dark Souls community, this is a lore primer like no other.
Detailed Maps
For the first time, we present beautifully illustrated maps for every single area of all three games, including their DLC expansions. These maps feature unparalleled detail and reveal every lore-relevant item, NPC, boss and more. 
NPC Dialogues
Every single line of dialogue spoken by the characters that inhabit these strange worlds is chronicled here, alongside the conditions for hearing them.
Reference Ready
The book is designed to make referencing and comparing entries easy, and includes every single item description across all three games. To reinforce this purpose, we’ve included a highly detailed index and a bookmark ribbon, so you’ll never get lost.