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“The guide covers EVERYTHING to do with the multiplayer portion of the game. Massive detailed maps showing everything you need. It perfectly explains the roles of each class depending on what map is being played. Extremely important if you want to excel at your chosen class”


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Collector’s Edition Guide


After the critically-acclaimed guide to Killzone 2, Future Press have done it again. Crushing the Helghast on the Elite difficulty setting is the real meat of Killzone 3’s Campaign. Crushing your opponents in Warzone is what Killzone 3’s Online Multiplayer is all about. These two challenges are the central focus of this guide and its aim is to make sure anyone can become an elite Killzone 3 veteran. By providing strategies and tricks that work in the very toughest situations, we ensure that anything less than the most serious challenge is overcome. If you’re really up for mastering the game, everything you need is here.

Weapons Training: Learn how to win in multiplayer and all of the tricks you need to use to stay alive. The best ways to use each weapon are revealed along with exact details of their strengths and weaknesses. Full statistics are listed for each weapon and the most effective ways to use them.

Area Surveillance: High quality maps reveal the battlegrounds in full, with each important area described in detail. We show the best spots for sniping, the ideal ways to secure areas and the quickest routes between objectives, all in an easy-to-use format.

Team Tactics: Teamwork is essential to victory, so optimum strategies for squads and teams are provided for all maps and modes. Learn to take full advantage of the class-based gameplay by using communication and roles effectively.

Class Breakdowns: In-depth coverage of the 5 unique classes in Killzone 3. The Primary and Secondary abilities are all outlined, with strategies for using them to the fullest. Discover the optimum loadouts and unlock priorities, along with map-specific tricks each class can use.

Modes & Objectives: Strategies are provided for each individual game type across each of the 8 maps. Separate, extremely effective tactics for Guerrilla Warfare and Operations modes, and team strategies for completing and securing objectives.

Elite Tactics: A full, highly-detailed walkthrough for the Elite difficulty setting makes tackling any battle straightforward. The best cover positions and sniping spots are revealed, and strategies are provided to take advantage of both players in the co-op Campaign mode.

High Detail Maps: Every area of the Campaign is fully rendered in exquisite maps straight from Guerrilla. Objective locations, weapon pickups and the best cover points are all highlighted, with text linked directly to the maps.

Helghast Intel: Every component of the Helghast war machine is laid bare, and every type of trooper’s abilities and tactics are described. Learn how to take down each and every enemy on Elite with ease.

Trophies Unlocked: Earning the coveted Platinum Trophy is made simple with a comprehensive Trophy Guide. Multiple solutions are provided for each Trophy to ensure they're easily achieved using different styles of play.

Lavish Extras: The rich world that Guerrilla has created is revealed in intimate detail. Concept artwork depicts how the characters and environments were formed and interviews with key members of staff describe the process involved.

Bonus Points: Purchasing the official guide gives you access to 3 Unlock Points that you can use to get a head-start in unlocking abilities and weapons for your chosen class. We recommend the right time so they give you an edge in placing high on the leaderboards.

The COLLECTOR'S EDITION GUIDE comes in a hard cover featuring a bookmark, a quick reference card with useful tips and infos, behind the scenes content including additional concept art not available in the Standard edition.